Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Harbingers of Spring!

Let it be known...I like to teach with the seasons. And there's this big ol' forsythia bush on the outside corner of my school with branches just begging to be rendered. So today I lopped off a few branches, stuck them in some sturdy yet Scandanavianly appealing Ikea vases and everyone got to draw a "harbinger of Spring".

Of course "harbinger" is the word of the day and after I told the kids that a harbinger is a "sign of what is to come" (sounds pretty thrilling when you put it that way, right?), the kids all wanted to share all the harbingers they've noticed out and about. Apparently, anyone who is anyone has either seen a forsythia bush or has one in their yard!

We started out talking about the simplicity of the forsythia flower and how it grows on the branches. A little green clasp with 4 or 5 petals growing out in a star-burst (we even counted!).

We used collage technique with wallpaper and shiny paper to create the table and the vase that supports the branches.

Makes for good conversation, this sharing our excitement about the coming Spring. A simple lesson about observation, contemplation and appreciation that the whole school can share.
Course, some people had their own ideas for drawing forsythia! And that's just fine with me!

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  1. Another beautiful and inspiring post, connecting gratitude and mindfulness and spirituality and art and Nature. Such good stuff, Art Teacher. Also, "Scandinavianly appealing" is a phrase I think we all need to use more.