Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday in the Post with Ken

Welcome to Sunday in the Post...when I have others; teachers, poets, artists, great thinkers, name it... speaking words of wisdom. Let it Be. (ha-ha...see what I did there?)

I am reading Sir Ken's book Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative.  Since I believe that teaching is an art, I'd like to figure out how we can actually teach creativity to teachers-in-training. Their training should include the rigors that any artist must go through, to develop and hone their craft. That's my idea on how to transform education. You start with the teacher-to-be. I believe academic classroom teachers can learn a lot from artists; actors, dancers, musicians, writers...all of the arts. A creative teacher no matter what subject they are teaching raises the bar for their students, asking them to come along with them, by creating a performance with their instruction that wraps around their students with passion...rather than talking at them, like that teacher in Peanuts cartoons. When teachers are forced to teach to the test, or are expected to use scripted instruction, they are robbed of all of their autonomy in the classroom and nothing gets to be spontaneous, child-centered or inspired.

But let's let the charming, hilarious and inspiring Sir Ken Robinson speak...he doth make a rather convincing argument for how we need the arts in our schools and we need creative teachers. 

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