Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm from Newtown

Yes, I am from Newtown and even in some small way you are from Newtown too. I thought if I could post some work by my students it might make me feel better...I need to do something send a message somewhere for someone to hear, that might help. Being an elementary school art teacher in another town in Connecticut the same ages of the children murdered yesterday gives me a feeling of despair, fear and helplessness I don't think I've felt before. I live here in Newtown, and the lost children in Newtown were my children too. Because being a teacher makes every child feel like your own.

In future posts I hope to use the stories and art of my young students to promote or inspire ideas I feel will bring positive change to the world.

                                   To help us remember that all children are our children.

                                     But right now I need to grieve with my community.

Gun Control. Now

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