Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1st Graders Connect the Dots and Come Full Circle

All kids love (and need) to make their mark. In 1st grade we read the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds. A simple story...but it illustrates so perfectly important things I always hope to achieve with my kids in the Art Studio. Encouragement, creativity, acknowledgment, self-motivation and reflection, ingenuity...all these ideas can be drawn from The Dot.

The dot is such a simple thing, but it means a lot. And it has inspired many artists. I highlight one artist, Wassily Kandinsky's work because he is so accessible to kids. His work is playful, whimsical and easy to take in.

Starting small and working our way out...we use water soluble oil pastels. They go on slippery and smooth.

                                Inspiration comes from many sources! Why not fingernails?

                    When we paint with pastels we learn to be careful of "unintentional smudgery".

                                           Dipping and drawing and dipping and drawing....

                                     Once we start there's plenty of room for Dot Innovation...

                                                                 and Dot Variation...

                                                    Now...make your mark...get set... GO!